Lovely weekend with a dear friend

I enjoyed last Saturday outing so much. It involves a big bowl of dessert, bigger than average human heads :p, a good chit chat and gossiping session, some light shopping at Parkson (particularly at the beauty & home and living department) and cam-whoring session outside the mall with the gorgeous rides; Ferraris and Porsches to be exact!


Lovely day indeed. Thank you Pam for willing to spend some time with us, the married couple with a naughty toddler in tow. Pam told me yesterday that she discovered a surprise in her white handbag; a pair of dessert spoon courtesy of our darling Zara. I hope there won’t be any ants family living inside your handbag now just because of this my dear. Please forgive Zara! :p

Now, sharing my new obsession:

Muffins with a steaming hot cup of coffee! I blame my colleague JW for this. She started the cravings by giving me a delicious muffin and now I want more. I am a muffin monster now! I bought a 6-muffins tray and I bake twice since last weekend.

My baby is going to grow so big, that’s for sure. Pray for a safe delivery for me ok! 😉 Happy Wednesday to all~~


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