Postpartum weight loss

“Don’t be ashamed to admit that one of the first things you’re going to want to know after your newborn arrives is how quickly you’ll lose the baby weight. The answer, however, depends on how much weight you gained during pregnancy and where you fell on the scale before you conceived.”

source: iVillage pregnancy newsletter

I talked to my doctor the other day and she told me the same thing. The first 10kg gained during pregnancy will be gone easily in the first few weeks after the delivery. The extra kilos will need additional effort from you to shed it off. It is not a 100% proven method and it is all depending on your physical condition but breastfeeding is a good way to assist you on shedding off the excess fat from your body. To further shape up your figure, you need to exercise and eat a healthy diet. I am talking about normal diet with all the balance nutrients involved. Not the low carb or high protein or liquid only diet. Definitely not healthy if you plan to breastfeed your baby.

Reminiscing the old days after I had Zara, I feel so ashamed of my body. I look 10 kilos heavier than I used to (not that I am not chubby enough la kan) and do not let me start with those ugly stretch marks! I embraced the stretch marks, I concentrate my effort on eating balance food and I try to steal some time to walk back and forth to mother’s room to pump during working hours. Walking back and forth from my desk to the room takes about 15 minutes and I did it at least two or three times a day. Some brisk walking, pumping and breastfeeding, normal calorie intake (sometime more than usual) and lack of sleep (plus work stress here and there) makes me go back to my original weight six month after the delivery. Not bad, I think. Considering that I get to enjoy the food as usual and occasionally splurge on seafood and desserts!

This time around, I will try to add regular exercise every week after the confinement. I am not sure whether I will have time for it since I am going to have two beautiful children instead of one but I will try! Maybe we can have a regular evening jog as a family every weekend. We can go to one of the park nearby. A basket full of muffins, cookies, fruits and sandwiches complete with juices and coffee will be nice to have around too, you know when we feel hungry and thirsty. See, instead of exercising now I am thinking about having a nice picnic in the park. How la to lose weight and have a fabulous bod like Jessica Alba? :p


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