Prayer for Japan~

I am shocked once I heard that Japan has been hit by earthquake and later, the tsunami. It is heartbreaking. Tsunami in Acheh still lingers in my memory. After I found out how big the impact is to Japan and the surrounding countries, I almost cry. Japan has long been an Asian hero in my book. They are the symbol of eastern culture, humble and polite, but can be a successful nation if come with the right attitude, determination and discipline. They are resilient people and I believe they will survive no matter what

Let us spent a few minutes to pray for Japan and lend a helping hand with whatever we have.

Let’s hope there won’t be further earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan and the surrounding countries.

I hope all Malaysian especially my friends in Japan will be safe. (Take good care Wanie!)

To end this entry, let me leave you guys with this video from YouTube:


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