Ratu hatiku..

I wanna wish Happy Mothers Day and Selamat Hari Ibu to my mak in KL, another mak in Kangar (I have two mom, I am lucky I know!!) and to my friends who is a mother. There is no such thing as a bad mother in this world (those throwing their babies are NOT mothers!! They need to take care and love their children in order to receive the honorable ‘mother’ ok!) You are all doing great as mothers and whatever it is, you have your children who love and adore you so be proud!

Do not forget to be nice to your mothers today and every single day. They are the reason we exist in this world and their sacrifices makes us who we are today. Love from me to all moms out there!!

Before I sign off, I am going to share with you my obsession for now:


Thanks to hubby, I am so going to get this soon as in ehemmm in about two months time! This is an evidence that you had promised hubby dearest! Hehee. Enjoy your golf! :p


9 thoughts on “Ratu hatiku..

  1. oo..tu gold ring ke? ingatkan bangle..hehe

    Siti..Tina memang suka makan apa saja. Pantang nampak makanan & pantang nampak kita makan. Alhamdulillah..sejak dulu mmg mcm tu

    Bukan makan je, menyusu pun sgt kuat. sekali minum 12oz. pulaknya 12oz tu susunya cuma 3 scoop jek. Dia tak suka susu pekat..biar tercair sket takpe.

    sehari berkali2 menyusu..bayangkan dengan sukatan yg dia minum..3 scoop susu utk 12oz air tu..susu nespray 3+ yang sekilo cuma tahan seminggu.. hehe..

    Zara tak tembam tapi dia sihat kan.. itu dah syukur.. Tina ni ikut sebelah abah dia kot..gen dorang memang tembam2 gebu2.. kihkihkih…

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