Cinta Abadi

Kehadiran cintamu
Menyinari hidupku
Kehangatan cintamu
Mengubati sepiku

Kelembutan hatimu
Mengubati lukaku
Kedamaian hatimu
Menyinari hidupku

Belaian manjamu
Penawar resahku
Keluhuran hatimu
Hanya kau kekasihku

Keagungan cintamu
Bersama impianku
Untuk hidup bersama
Sehingga keakhirnya

Makin membara
Api cintaku
Kaulah yang satu
Kaulah cintaku

Tak mungkin lagi
Berubah hati
Cinta yang suci
Cinta abadi

Good morning and happy wednesday to everyone! Wow time sure flies when you are busy with two kids. I am now back at work and as happy as can be juggling the work (not so much though, mostly just paperwork since the product has shipped), house chores, husband and two kids. So far manage to cook dinner and skipped a few days. Need to get used to the routine fast, be more organize and workout a better time management.

So far so good, just the house looks like kapal karam most of the time especially on weekdays, thanks to my honey bee Zara who can’t seem to enjoy herself without making a big mess. She just wants the attention and she got it most of the time when the house is in a mess. Babab tangan tu tau!

Sisters 😉

Ok what am I saying just now? Hmm I am way off from what I have in mind initially haha.. The lovely romantic song above touches my heart while I am busy choosing cookies and crackers from sunshine this morning. Song above by Black Rose, one of those very rugged looking with messy hair band that actually sings very romantic ballads haha. It is the 80’s and things are weird at that time.

Brings back the childhood memory when we always play nyanyi-nyanyi or direct translate to singing game. It is a competition a la American Idol/Academy fantasia! We might be just a bunch of crazy kids playing, but mind you, we got a big trophy as the prize as well! (usually it is a tall bowling trophy owned by my uncle). Place? Anywhere with a stairs so we can berangan singing like a true star! Those were the days, role-playing is so fun. Besides nyanyi2 got masak2, cikgu2 and mak2 jaga baby. Another popular one when we play in big crowd will be kahwin2! I will usually be the keypoh mother busy arranging the pengantin! I am bigger and taller than most kids and not as pretty, so takde can jd pengantin yg ayu. haha.. Fun childhood memories.

Ok I better get to work now. Enjoy your wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Cinta Abadi

  1. Karena cinta, semua nampak indah. Setiap orang terasa menggemaskan. Tiada lagi keburukan dalam sudut pandang anda. Oh cinta benar-benar membuat orang jadi gila. Setiap informasi buruk mengenai diri orang yang anda cintai, tak bererhasil masuk dalam relung hati dan otak anda. Pokoknya dialah yang paling baik dan sempurna. karena rasa cinta pula, segala kesengsaraan berubah menjadi fantastis dan menggairahkan. Orang Jawa bilang “tembelek rasa coklat” he he he,,,

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