Home is where my mother is..

..cause home is where my heart is.

I love my mom!

I love holidays because I get to spend time with my mom. Now that I am a mother too, I totally get why she did what she did when we were small. All those words, advice, warning, love and attention come straight from her heart. Out of selfless love.

Source: Etsy

I am indeed very sad because Ramadhan will be gone soon and yet, I haven’t done much. I hope next year will be a better Ramadhan for me and my family. We are a bit happy though, coz we do not waste as much food this year and we cook almost every single day accept for when we were away at our parents house on weekends. We deserve a pat on our back! 🙂

Currently we are on a long break and I would like to wish Eid Mubarak to all muslim friends and to all Malaysians out there, Happy Independence Day! May we gather during this joyful season with happiness and be grateful for what we have. Take care and be safe on the road!


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