Year End Mood: Shop!

When year end sale is here together with extra money from ehem (you know what lah kan), my hand gets itchy. Some of the damage done in no particular order:

You can get the nice and hijab friendly blouse from HijriaHome! Very good quality cotton blouses. They have variety of colors and patterns to choose from too. I might get another one in leopard print hehe..

Hmm.. I foresee that more damage will be done once we go for year end holiday in KL. My not-so-fat purse is scared. Oh, that reminds me that I NEED new purse. The current one is Bonia circa 2007. Going to be 5 years old soon! How time flies eh :p

I realized I haven’t blog for 2 months now. Please blame Twitter for being so simple to use and so addictive. You can update anything anywhere if you have your smartphones around. I now read my TL instead of the online news hehe.. How my life changes because of iPhone and Twitter. *heart* Ok back to work *geek mode ON*.


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