Beauty Haul Jan & Feb 2012

I am supposed to post this earlier but you guessed it right, I am too busy with family, day job, part time job, twitter and instagram (might add pinterest soon! :p) to finish this post. So here it is, the first beauty haul for the year 2012.

Nyx Round Lipstick in Sierra *love this!*

Nyx Megashine Lip Gloss 131 (pink with gold shimmer)

Nyx Studio Liquid Liner - Extreme Black

Trio Eyeshadow - TS40 Aquamarine

Bobbi Brown Classic To Go Palette

I love all of them and have use them all except for the lip color in BB palette. This reminds me I need a lip brush to use those beautiful lip color. Another trip to Guardian soon I guess, so I can get my hands on those pretty lip butter by Revlon! I need to move away from nudes and rose colored lipstick. Maybe I should venture into red and pink. We’ll see :p

By the way, I bought all Nyx product shown above with a friend who owns a blog shop! You can join her Nyx spree and one is coming soon! Besides beauty product, she also conduct coach and spanx spree. Checkout her website here: Happy shopping and enjoy! 🙂


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