Ayam percik mudah

I have made ayam percik for iftar last night and it was a BIG hit! Husband can’t stop licking his fingers and the kids ate a lot. Now, that says a lot coz my kids are such a picky eater! I have made similar roasted chicken before but I assure you, this one is a hit. Let me share out the recipe in malay language coz this is how I copy(paste) it down. Sharing is caring and this is a special request from my twitter buddy @marlianaz (*waving hand*). Here we go and enjoy!

Resepi ayam percik

Bahan-bahan (kuah percik) 4-5 orang

9 ulas bawang merah (dikisar)
1 ulas bawang putih (dikisar)
1/2 inci halia (dikisar)
4 sudu besar cili kisar (saya guna 2 sudu sahaja)
400 ml santan pekat (saya guna 1/2 biji kelapa yg diparut diambil santannya)
1/4 sudu besar halba (fenugreek seeds)
3 batang serai (diketuk)
Sedikit belacan
Garam dan gula secukup rasa
1/2 cawan air
Minyak masak untuk menumis

Bahan-bahan (perap ayam)

1/2 ekor ayam
4 ulas bawang merah
1 ulas bawang putih
1 inci halia
1 batang serai
1/2 sudu besar ketumbar
1/2 sudu besar jintan putih


  1. Kisar bahan-bahan untuk memerap ayam. Perap ayam selama 30 minit. Kemudian bakar ayam sehingga masak.
  2. Untuk kuah, tumis bahan-bahan yang telah dikisar sehingga naik bau.
  3. Masukkan cili kisar. Kacau sekata, kemudian masukkan air.
  4. Masukkan santan, halba, belacan dan serai. Kacau hingga sekata.
  5. Masukkan garam dan gula secukup rasa.
  6. Masak sehingga kuah menjadi pekat (30-40 minit).
  7. Bila siap, curahkan kuah ke atas ayam yang telah dibakar.

Resepi dari: http://dapurmalaysia.com/resepi-ayam-percik/

Now, this is the picture of the real deal. *proud face* :p


Year End Mood: Shop!

When year end sale is here together with extra money from ehem (you know what lah kan), my hand gets itchy. Some of the damage done in no particular order:

You can get the nice and hijab friendly blouse from HijriaHome! Very good quality cotton blouses. They have variety of colors and patterns to choose from too. I might get another one in leopard print hehe..

Hmm.. I foresee that more damage will be done once we go for year end holiday in KL. My not-so-fat purse is scared. Oh, that reminds me that I NEED new purse. The current one is Bonia circa 2007. Going to be 5 years old soon! How time flies eh :p

I realized I haven’t blog for 2 months now. Please blame Twitter for being so simple to use and so addictive. You can update anything anywhere if you have your smartphones around. I now read my TL instead of the online news hehe.. How my life changes because of iPhone and Twitter. *heart* Ok back to work *geek mode ON*.

2011.. with faith, hope and love

Hi Everyone!
I had a really good night for the last day of 2010 and now, into the 2nd hour of 2011 I am going to try my best to fill the whole year with faith, hope and love. Strange things happened this past one year, with ups and downs and highs and lows, but yet here I am surviving the year. Thank god for the blessings Alhamdulillah!
In 2010, the best blessing is to watch our love go strong as a couple. ( I love you hubby!) The second best gift is to witness my darling Zara grows from a tiny one year old to a clever toddler (we survived the tantrum period pheww!). The third blessing came in July when we get to know that instead of staying as trio this year, we will be a quartet! Oh such a happy news that is 🙂
Before I go, I wanted to share some beautiful words I received from a dear friend at work. Enjoy!


Today is a gift.
Tomorrow is a hope.
Let’s begin New Year 2011
With faith, hope and love
Faith makes all things Possible,
Hope makes all things Work,
Love makes all things Beautiful,
May you have all three this~
New Year 2011
No regret about the past…
No fear about the future
New hopes and dreams 2011
Thankful to GOD for his blessing in 2010
May this New Year bring us a new spirit to
Reach all our dreams good health and a
Happiness forever…
Happy New Year 2011,
New beginning for a better life
Open hearts receive love
Open minds receive Wisdom
Open hands receive Gifts and
Special friends receive my greeting
Happy New Year 2011!

Padang besar trip

Happy Saturday everyone! I am now writing from Kangar and so happy that I decided to went back and spent my time at hubby’s kampung. So peaceful and thereupetic 😉

Normally hubby will reject any request for shopping whenever we are in kangar but today is a different case. Maybe it is the joyous mood coz my BIL is going to have a wedding celebration next week and we can help MIL to shop for some wedding stuff too.

The plan is to head to Padang besar early morning but as usual the plan got delayed. After two servings of nasi lemak and chicken sambal, we begin our journey at around 11am. Lucky for us it is not too crowded when we arrived there and there’s ample parking for us to choose.

We had a yummilicious pulut ayam or as you can see from the pic below, it is basically a servings of sticky rice, fried chicken with some spices as well as fried shallots. It came with a thick sweet an spicy sauce which complement the dish very well.

We had a fruitful shopping, a quick one since we already have a shopping list with us. Clothes for zara as she has grown so tall now, clothes for yours truly who is expanding every minute as well as some food and souvenir for the wedding next week. I guess next week I will be posting about the wedding!

Before I go, let me leave you with this scenery of ladang tebu/sugarcane plantation of Robert kwok d sugar millionaire. Enjoy your weekend!