Ayam percik mudah

I have made ayam percik for iftar last night and it was a BIG hit! Husband can’t stop licking his fingers and the kids ate a lot. Now, that says a lot coz my kids are such a picky eater! I have made similar roasted chicken before but I assure you, this one is a hit. Let me share out the recipe in malay language coz this is how I copy(paste) it down. Sharing is caring and this is a special request from my twitter buddy @marlianaz (*waving hand*). Here we go and enjoy!

Resepi ayam percik

Bahan-bahan (kuah percik) 4-5 orang

9 ulas bawang merah (dikisar)
1 ulas bawang putih (dikisar)
1/2 inci halia (dikisar)
4 sudu besar cili kisar (saya guna 2 sudu sahaja)
400 ml santan pekat (saya guna 1/2 biji kelapa yg diparut diambil santannya)
1/4 sudu besar halba (fenugreek seeds)
3 batang serai (diketuk)
Sedikit belacan
Garam dan gula secukup rasa
1/2 cawan air
Minyak masak untuk menumis

Bahan-bahan (perap ayam)

1/2 ekor ayam
4 ulas bawang merah
1 ulas bawang putih
1 inci halia
1 batang serai
1/2 sudu besar ketumbar
1/2 sudu besar jintan putih


  1. Kisar bahan-bahan untuk memerap ayam. Perap ayam selama 30 minit. Kemudian bakar ayam sehingga masak.
  2. Untuk kuah, tumis bahan-bahan yang telah dikisar sehingga naik bau.
  3. Masukkan cili kisar. Kacau sekata, kemudian masukkan air.
  4. Masukkan santan, halba, belacan dan serai. Kacau hingga sekata.
  5. Masukkan garam dan gula secukup rasa.
  6. Masak sehingga kuah menjadi pekat (30-40 minit).
  7. Bila siap, curahkan kuah ke atas ayam yang telah dibakar.

Resepi dari: http://dapurmalaysia.com/resepi-ayam-percik/

Now, this is the picture of the real deal. *proud face* :p


German Mince Meatball Recipe

I am sharing this recipe I got from BigOven. Sorry, I didn’t keep the name of the contributor. My bad! So this is a recipe from Anon and I love it! Approved by me and it DID taste like my favorite Ikea meatball! Love!! Ok here goes and enjoy!

My most basic (German) meatball recipe:

about 500 g mince meat

1 onion (finely chopped)

1 hard roll (or some other white bread, french bread, ciabatta or the likes – dried out and soaked in water till mushy – squeeze water out before adding to meat) (I use 10 pcs of weetameal biscuits)

1 egg

seasonings to taste

(My MIL also adds breadcrumbs to make everything less moist and more compact, you might just as well omit the soaked bread to achieve that because then the only reason you add bread is to save money by “diluting” the meat).

I like them a little fluffy, so I stuck with my own mother’s as above – the egg and the moist bread make the fluff. I mix those using either my hands or a fork. For basic meatballs I add salt, pepper and marjoram – sometimes a tsp of mustard, but you can do any other seasonings as well. (I recommend the mustard!!)

Sometimes I sautee the onion first to get them soft. Italian herbs, garlic, and (drained off the oil) marinaded dried tomatoes are very nice for party meatballs.

You can also add chopped olives, corn kernels, or whatever else if serving without sauce (eg. cold for fingerfood) Wet your hands a little to shape the meat into balls or patties and fry from all sides.

Resepi Ikan Tiga Rasa

Resepi hari ini adalah permintaan dan ditujukan khas buat kawan saya yang rajin ke dapur. Kam, this is for you! Enjoy!

Ikan Tiga Rasa
1 ekor ikan bawal (saya gantikan dgn ikan tilapia merah)
2 biji bawang putih – dicincang
3 biji bawang merah – dicincang
1 biji bawang besar – dipotong bulat
2 biji cili merah – dicincang (boleh digantikan dgn cili padi kalau suka lebih pedas)
1/2 biji capsicum hijau dipotong dadu
2 biji tomato – dipotong dadu
2 kerat nenas – dipotong dadu
2 sudu cili kering yg dikisar
3 sudu sos tiram
2 sudu sos tomato
2 sudu sos ikan
Sedikit daun sup & daun bawang
serbuk kunyit, garam & gula
Minyak untuk menggoreng ikan & menumis

Cara memasak:
Ikan dibersihkan dan dilumurkan dengan garam dan serbuk kunyit. Goreng ikan tersebut sehingga garing.
Panaskan minyak dalam kuali dan masukkan bawang putih, bawang merah dan tumis sehingga naik bau.
Masukkan cili kering yg dikisar dan tumis sehingga naik bau dan garing.
Kemudian masukkan sos tiram, sos tomato dan sos ikan. Tambahkan garam dan gula ikut citarasa anda.
Selepas kuah mendidih, masukkan bawang besar, cili merah, capsicum, tomato dan nenas. Gaul rata.
Apabila sudah masak, tuang kuah tadi ke atas ikan dan hiaskan dengan daun sup dan daun bawang. Sedia untuk dihidang!

Gambar Hiasan

Lovely weekend with a dear friend

I enjoyed last Saturday outing so much. It involves a big bowl of dessert, bigger than average human heads :p, a good chit chat and gossiping session, some light shopping at Parkson (particularly at the beauty & home and living department) and cam-whoring session outside the mall with the gorgeous rides; Ferraris and Porsches to be exact!


Lovely day indeed. Thank you Pam for willing to spend some time with us, the married couple with a naughty toddler in tow. Pam told me yesterday that she discovered a surprise in her white handbag; a pair of dessert spoon courtesy of our darling Zara. I hope there won’t be any ants family living inside your handbag now just because of this my dear. Please forgive Zara! :p

Now, sharing my new obsession:

Muffins with a steaming hot cup of coffee! I blame my colleague JW for this. She started the cravings by giving me a delicious muffin and now I want more. I am a muffin monster now! I bought a 6-muffins tray and I bake twice since last weekend.

My baby is going to grow so big, that’s for sure. Pray for a safe delivery for me ok! 😉 Happy Wednesday to all~~

My first home made cucur badak

Hubby has requested for a home made cucur badak for quite some time. It is one of his favorite kuih and I am not really a fan actually. I prefer karipap and donut instead. Finally, last weekend I ask hubby to go and get the ingredients at the market and tadaa~ finally the cucur badak materialised.
Let me share you the pictures of before and after the cucur badak is fried as well as the recipe I got from myresepi.

Before the deep frying

The golden ball or hubby's favorite cucur badak is ready!

The recipe:

Resepi cucur badak

Oleh: princessharyati

Bahan-bahan ( 28-30 biji sedang kecil )

Untuk kulit

2 biji keledek saiz besar

1 cawan tepung gandum


Untuk inti

1/2 biji kelapa parut

1 cawan udang kering

2 biji bawang besar

5 batang serai

1 sudu kecil kunyit serbuk

5 tangkai cili kering (ikut kepedasan masing2)

1 sudu besar minyak masak

Garam dan gula


Untuk inti:

Blender cili kering+serai+udang kering dan bawang dgn sedikit air. Setelah halus masukkan kelapa parut, blender sekali. Blend sekejap jek. Setelah itu masukkan semua ke dalam kuali. Masukkan juga kunyit + minyak + garam + gula dan serbuk perasa. Kacau sehingga inti tu masak, ia akan kelihatan kering sedikit.

Untuk kulit:

Rebus keledek dengan air dan sedikit garam sehingga lembut. Setelah masak , buang air tinggalkan sedikit dan campurkan dgn tepung. Buat masa panas-panas, senang nak lenyek. Jika adunan lembik lagi tambahkan sedikit demi sedikit tepung. Jgn terlalu byk nanti tak sedap.

Selepas itu buat doh kecil2 . Ambil satu buat melengung. Tip: semasa hendak membuat doh ni guna sedikit minyak masak di tangan agar tepung tak melekat, keje pun cepat dan senang. letakkan inti dan tutup kembali. Goreng dengan api yang sederhana. Siap untuk di santap.


You can go to the link provided for pictures from others who have tried it too. Yummy it is! The only thing hubby complained about is the inti or the coconut filling is not full enough leaving the cucur badak not as gebu as he like it to be :p Hehe.. I still got some of the inti left so I think I will cook another round of cucur badak soon. So, what is your favorite traditional kuih? 😉

Resepi ikan keli masak lemak cili padi

Hello everyone! Today is Thursday and yes! only a few more days before another long weekend. Wehoo! (Jumping up and down)

I promise a friend that I will write down the recipe and share it with her. So here’s for you, Kam! Happy birthday! I guess if I put it up here, it will be shared to all of my readers as well. Sharing is caring right? 😉 The recipe is very simple, suitable for beginner like myself. Enjoy!!

Resepi Masak Lemak Cili Padi Ikan Keli

4 ekor ikan keli saiz sederhana
1 cawan santan pekat
*3 ulas bawang kecil
*1 ulas bawang besar
*2 tangkai cili merah/hijau
*7 tangkai cili padi
*2 cm kunyit hidup
Garam secukup rasa
1 helai daun kunyit disimpul (optional)
1 tangkai bunga kantan dibelah dua (optional)
2 biji tomato dibelah dua (optional)
1/2 kiub pati ikan bilis (optional)

Bersihkan ikan keli dengan air asam jawa untuk menghilangkan bau hanyir, kemudian bilas bersih. (Kalau suka ikan yang sedikit garing, boleh gorengkan ikan yang digaul dengan sedikit garam dan kunyit terlebih dahulu. Saya nak cepat, tak goreng pon sedap dan kurang berminyak).

Tumbuk atau blend bahan bertanda * sehingga halus dengan sedikit air. Campurkan bahan tumbuk dengan santan ke dalam periuk dan jerangkan di atas api perlahan sambil dikacau supaya santan tidak pecah. Masukkan daun kunyit, bunga kantan dan kiub pati ikan bilis jika suka. Daun kunyit dan bunga kantan memberikan bau yang harum untuk masak lemak anda.

Bila kuah sudah mendidih, boleh lah masukkan ikan keli dan kemudian tomato. Perasakan dengan sedikit garam dan setelah masak boleh lah dihidangkan.

I love Instagram :)

I first knew about Instagram when one of my tweet peep showed her cute baby pictures with it. When I know it is available as Apps in iPhone (and it is free!). I have since fall in love with Instagram and the rest is history.

Some of my personal favorite pictures uploaded to Instagram:

Gaya ANTM :p

Pulut ayam at Padang Besar 😉 Yummy!!

Rose Coffee @Winter Warmers

New Year's Eve at Gurney 😉 Someone is cranky!

Spanking new shoes! Mommy is jealous :p

Grilled fish for lunch last weekend 🙂

Maybe I will post more pictures after this, thanks to Instagram! I feel that my picture is beautiful now and ehemm a motivation for me to take pictures in the future. It is super easy to use, even my daughter knows how to do it (haha tipulah :p)

Have a good weekend everyone! Love, from Penang xoxo~