mrsdjones the blog: 2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 16 years to get that many views.

More interesting fact:

2012 attractions

Maybe I should post more recipes here. Maybe recipes from my mom and grandmas too because most of them is a reflection of my heritage; the Bangkahulu & Minangkabau background from Sumatera. It is somewhat similar to Padang food. Some of them are quite unique and you can definitely put them under the delicacy category. I have always wanted to compile the old recipes into a hardcopy for my girls future reference. Maybe I should just do it  online for now. 🙂


Lovely weekend with a dear friend

I enjoyed last Saturday outing so much. It involves a big bowl of dessert, bigger than average human heads :p, a good chit chat and gossiping session, some light shopping at Parkson (particularly at the beauty & home and living department) and cam-whoring session outside the mall with the gorgeous rides; Ferraris and Porsches to be exact!


Lovely day indeed. Thank you Pam for willing to spend some time with us, the married couple with a naughty toddler in tow. Pam told me yesterday that she discovered a surprise in her white handbag; a pair of dessert spoon courtesy of our darling Zara. I hope there won’t be any ants family living inside your handbag now just because of this my dear. Please forgive Zara! :p

Now, sharing my new obsession:

Muffins with a steaming hot cup of coffee! I blame my colleague JW for this. She started the cravings by giving me a delicious muffin and now I want more. I am a muffin monster now! I bought a 6-muffins tray and I bake twice since last weekend.

My baby is going to grow so big, that’s for sure. Pray for a safe delivery for me ok! 😉 Happy Wednesday to all~~

Random Babbling on Saturday

This is my first time using wordpress for iPhone :p mine is not the famous iphone4 though.

Where to begin? Let me talk about my cravings for.. Food and beauty products. To tell u the truth, I did not have specific cravings but it will come and go and totally beyond my control. This second one might be more demanding than her sis Zara so I am hoping she will not be a fussy baby later.

Let me share some pictures of my beauty purchase and some of them is unnecessary! Hehe :p

From left is the Red earth eco colour baked blushing compact in Elegance. The tall blue bottle is Cyber colors all-in-1 moisturizing cleansing water with chamomile extract and hyaluronic acid. Loreal for men cleanser and moisturizer. They were on sale at Guardian so I stock these for hubby. The pink colored box is Biore cleansing oil in cotton. Maybe I will do a separate review post for all of these accept for the loreal for men stuff.

This one is another purchase from Dior this year so that I can get my hand on their member card. Woot! I bought Dior Rouge in 740 if not mistaken. It is a lovely rosie pink. Very neutral color perfect for a simple day makeup.

Next thing I have in mind is to hunt for the perfect makeup brush! If any of you happens to know of a good brush set, do let me know ya. The basic brushes for foundation, blusher, lips and eyemakeup is enough for me. 😉 I don’t know why I have a sudden urge to learn about beauty and makeup. Maybe it’s the hormone or maybe it is the time.

My Bobbi brown foundation and loose powder are finishing very soon, but I need to go all the way to gurney plaza to replenish. Since I haven’t have time for it, I am currently using Dr. G BB cream. So far so good. I will do a review on this one too. I love the fact that it is treating my skin as well as giving a light coverage before I dab on some loose powder on top. No need for another layer of foundation and it makes my skin looks real smooth.

Enough about my splurge on beauty. We had a great time last night watching Narnia 3D. Zara is behaving well and she slept halfway through the movie. A success indeed. This is Zara’s first movie experience and she keep on complaining that the place is dark and got hantu/ghost! Hehee

Before the movie, we manage to get some JPops and the fat free yoghurt at JCo with lots of topping! yummm. We have some leftover for breakfast too 😉 let me leave you with some pictures of Zara posing on the couch at JCo:

Ayunya Mee Udang ;)

Today we went to Balik Pulau to fetch my lil bro. He finished his exam for the semester and can’t wait to meet KL. I mean, who won’t miss KL right? There are so many differences between KL and Penang I will need another entry to talk about that :p To cut it short, we are hungry and it is almost 8pm. Since we are going to pass by Teluk Kumbar town to head to Gelugor, might as well stop by and have some sinfully delicious mee udang. When talking about mee udang in teluk kumbar, our favorite will be Ayu Mee Udang or i saw the sign in the shop saying Mee Udang Cantik! I guess the owner couldn’t decide between both kot! hehe

See the the fat and yummy prawns!

I am halfway through the meal, so excuse the “bersepah” look of the dish. When my bowl arrived, I can only see the gravy full of yellow noodle or we call it mee kuning. It is like looking for a treasure, you can only see the big fat prawns when you dig further underneath the noodles. What an adventure right? hehe.. I love the gravy so much cause it is hot and a lil bit sweet at the same time. Not too thick but not too thin either. Just perfect! The prawn is absolutely fresh. You can taste the sweetness when you bite into it. Hehee.. sorry if I am making you salivating. Do let me know if you plan to come to penang and need direction to go to Ayu Mee Udang. I won’t charge a single dime I promise!


Durian Craze

We had the opportunity to visit the Durian & Food Fest in Anjung Indah, Balik Pulau. God, there is so many people even it is already 5pm in the evening and only a little less than a basket of durian left to buy. Anjung Indah is located at the top of Bukit Relau with a good view. A perfect spot for picnic and bird watching 😉

Enjoying our sweet durian

We bought a 2kilos D14 and 1kilo++ Ganja (don’t ask me why the name is like that ok :p). We felt that D14 is so much better compared to Ganja. The flesh is yummy and creamy and so thick! Just one piece makes you full and satisfied. Really fit the example of value for money. I prefer D14 better than Ganja. The durian seller told us that this year, Ganja does not taste so good as compared to last year. Maybe next year we will come again and see if the taste improves hehe :p Excuses!

Empty in a few minutes!

New found love 😉

In total, we spent RM70 for 2 durians. Expensive but who cares? Good quality durian plus the eating experience with a view; priceless!

Do you have a durian experience you want to share? 😉

Happy daddy’s day ;)

Although it is one day late, I will go on and wish a happy father’s day to my dear Abah and Ayah. Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki selalu dan terima kasih atas segala pengorbanan dan nasihat kepada kami selama ni. Happy daddy’s day to my dearest hubby, encik Faiz. I bet Zara will want to say “You are the best daddy ever!”, it is just that she is too young to understand that yet. heheee.. I am thankful and blessed to have you as my hubby, sayang. Here’s a wish for more happy years to come. 🙂

Today, we had a nice early dinner at Tao Juru Auto-city. Hubby even did some shopping there! Not one pair, a few pairs of pants and jeans and some shirts too. So who’s the shopaholic now eh? :p We will definitely come back again once my brother is here. Weeee~ Can’t wait to bring my mom and brother there. Zara is fast asleep once we got into the car heading back home. I guess she is too tired and it is too much of excitement in one day. Father’s day present for hubby? hehe tunggu~

Before I go, here’s some of my favorite pictures of hubby and Zara together:

Saayang ayah!

Daddy's girl

See, she is definitely a resemblance of the father. Macam kena cop je muka tu, sama sangat ok :p

Last weekend.. what I called let’s-get-fat weekend. Let me tell you why.

Friday afternoon, I had mother’s day celebration with my pumping mate aka my mother’s room buddies. We dine at Dave’s Deli and I wallop the quarter chicken meal. I got the breast and wing portion. It is super huge but the taste is nothing to shout for. Too dry for my liking and the chicken is not marinated well. Sorry, I got no picture to share, yet. Maybe I will update once I got a pic from one of the lovely ladies. We were calling our group lunch as syiok sendiri lunch coz all of us mothers are celebrating mother’s day ourselves. hehe. I don’t care as long as we are happy and we truly enjoyed ourselves. I love my pumping mates because I do learn a lot from them and we not only shared things we have in common such as breastfeeding tips and issues or topics on parenting and baby care, we also shares on recipes, shopping and discounts informations, and I even got tips on investment. I love my 30mins afternoon break in the mother’s room. I can unwind and chit chatting and it takes the stress off me.

Mother's day gatherings. Tq for the pic Lee Kim!

Moving on to Friday night, me and hubby decided to dine at Nando’s just because. Kes takda idea nak masak. The food is great. I just love the sauce and the tenderness of the chicken. The meat is not too dry, just perfect to me. Zara ate almost all of the side dish; the rice lah, not the veggies. Two quarter chicken makes half a chicken! That is a lot of chicken in a day kan? Ish.. there’s more..

On Saturday, I do my usual stuff at home and I made some simple honey lemon chicken that hubby love so much for lunch. The heat in the afternoon was unbearable so we decided to stripped Zara off her clothes after we wash her from a mess she often will be in after every meal. She insist on feeding herself using fingers. No more spoon feeding herself coz she is now in a stage where she will imitate everything we do. Hubby said why not get a table fan for the kitchen and I said why not. After a while, he is back with a fan and an ice cream cake. hehe.. looks like dear hubby was actually finding an excuse to buy me a mother’s day cake. Zara is more excited than me when she saw the cake. She kept on saying “hmm.. cedap, cedap” with her head nodding haha. The three of us enjoyed the ice cream in front of tv and decided not to move for the rest of the day. Such a lazy Saturday! :p

Come Sunday evening, I am already tired of sitting in front of tv watching barney, ice age and upin&ipin all day. Thanks to hubby, we went out that night and we had lovely donuts and coffee and yoghurt at JCo! Yummy yum yumm. The sugary, creamy donuts plus the sweet coffee makes me feel so happy and of course guilty afterwards. The yoghurt is so refreshing complete with fruit toppings and all. We spent the rest of the evening window shopping and it felt so good. In case you are wondering, Zara behaved well coz we got her in the kiddy cab complete with a free balloon. She happily sit inside the kiddy cab and she had fun getting in and out of the ride by herself.

That is the end of one weekend full of fat and sugar. Ok, no more cakes, donuts and ice creams for a month and I should go easy on the chicken too. I put on extra weight since Zara is now on formula at the babysitter’s place. Ya la, input as usual but the output is decreasing. hehe..

Btw, we saw some nice tricycle and thought of buying it for the lil queen since she showed great interest in her Abg Pik’s bikes. We find that toys r us in Queensbay only carry limited designs and colors and it is very pricey too. All are around RM200++. Any suggestions where we might find a nice and reasonably priced tricycle for our lil girl?