My daughters new antics

What can I say, twitter and now drawsome has conquered my free time. Of course, family, kids and work (and FB) too!

This is how my kids keep me and DH very busy, by playing and fighting with each other! They are quite competitive too. It makes me worried sometime.

Let me illustrate it with some pictures:

Adik menonggeng...

Kakak pon ikut menonggeng.. :p

Adik got stucked and cried coz she can't get up :p

Kakak pretend to get stuck too! :p hahaa

Adoi.. there are many more example but I am so lazy to list it down. Letih ok! Everything needs to be repeated. Everything must be in sets of two. If I bathe kakak, adik will cry and wanna join us. I feed adik and kakak want some milk too. If hubby is not around I think I will go crazy lah! Like I am not “crazy” enough juggling work and family.

I am not so strong. My house looks like a sinking ship most of the time but thank god for an understanding hubby who are willing to help around the house. (If I am lucky and he is available around the house :p haha)


Lovely weekend with a dear friend

I enjoyed last Saturday outing so much. It involves a big bowl of dessert, bigger than average human heads :p, a good chit chat and gossiping session, some light shopping at Parkson (particularly at the beauty & home and living department) and cam-whoring session outside the mall with the gorgeous rides; Ferraris and Porsches to be exact!


Lovely day indeed. Thank you Pam for willing to spend some time with us, the married couple with a naughty toddler in tow. Pam told me yesterday that she discovered a surprise in her white handbag; a pair of dessert spoon courtesy of our darling Zara. I hope there won’t be any ants family living inside your handbag now just because of this my dear. Please forgive Zara! :p

Now, sharing my new obsession:

Muffins with a steaming hot cup of coffee! I blame my colleague JW for this. She started the cravings by giving me a delicious muffin and now I want more. I am a muffin monster now! I bought a 6-muffins tray and I bake twice since last weekend.

My baby is going to grow so big, that’s for sure. Pray for a safe delivery for me ok! 😉 Happy Wednesday to all~~

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet,

And so are you.

So I received a lovely bouquet of red roses from hubby on my birthday. He is the sweetest and always dear to my heart. This is the third time I received flowers from him. Three times since I knew him in 1994. Yes, he is my high school sweetheart and my love for him grows each day. Some of you might not believe in love at first sight or long distance love but let me tell you this; it happened to me and you could survive the pain of missing someone you love. As long as you trust yourself, trust each other and stay true to yourself anything is possible.

The beauties

Before I bore you to death with my writing. Here’s the poem above in french, with a slightly different meaning though.

Les bleuets sont bleus, les roses sont roses,

Les bleuets sont bleus, j’aime mes amours.


Violets are blue, roses are red,

Violets are blue, I love my loves.

To dear hubby, thank you for being my best friend and being such an understanding life partner. You know I love you and will always do.

Mother’s day pictures

Just want to share with you all some of my family activities during last mothers day. I know it is late, but hey better late than never. :p

I just took the last picture yesterday. See her cheeky face? :p Bikin geram je. She even dance in the middle of the road and inside the stores whenever there’s any hip hop and rnb song in the air. Did I tell you guys she prefer “dark” skin gentleman? Hahahaha just joking ok.

For more pictures,  you can go have a look on my FB. Add me if you are not one of my friend yet ya. Have a good weekend everyone!