My daughters new antics

What can I say, twitter and now drawsome has conquered my free time. Of course, family, kids and work (and FB) too!

This is how my kids keep me and DH very busy, by playing and fighting with each other! They are quite competitive too. It makes me worried sometime.

Let me illustrate it with some pictures:

Adik menonggeng...

Kakak pon ikut menonggeng.. :p

Adik got stucked and cried coz she can't get up :p

Kakak pretend to get stuck too! :p hahaa

Adoi.. there are many more example but I am so lazy to list it down. Letih ok! Everything needs to be repeated. Everything must be in sets of two. If I bathe kakak, adik will cry and wanna join us. I feed adik and kakak want some milk too. If hubby is not around I think I will go crazy lah! Like I am not “crazy” enough juggling work and family.

I am not so strong. My house looks like a sinking ship most of the time but thank god for an understanding hubby who are willing to help around the house. (If I am lucky and he is available around the house :p haha)


It’s a bird, it’s a plane..

No lah.. it’s a flu season. *sigh* I saw many of my friends will small kids, especially toddlers, posting about updates on their little one’s fever and flu on facebook. Looks like everyone is getting infected. The hot and rainy season does not help either.

When the daughter got sick, the parents (especially the mom) will be very tired and sleep deprived. Getting a two year old to swallow the medicine is truly a challenging experience, even more challenging than the Amazing Race Asia (TARA! I love this show!). If you add a few more medicine; you name it lah, for fever, for cough, for flu and allergy, and… the famous antibiotic! It can really drive you crazy as parents.

We tried every trick you can possibly think of. We tried to bribe her with cikilat (chocolates) and popok (junk food aka keropok) and it only works one time. We tried putting the medicine in her daily ribena, nope.. she is too clever for that one too. She can taste and smell the medicine from afar. Put the medicine in her milk does not work as well. Try to promise her a cycling trip or jalan2 to queensbay does not work either. She hates the medicine to the max. I think the medicine tasted very sweet but she have problem with the smell. Why can’t they invent medicine with fruity smell? All of them smells.. well… like a thick syrup. Yikes.

My poor darling fall asleep on the sofa huhu

To make things worst, I got infected by the flu as well. I have a sexy voice right now and the whole office can hear me shrot and shreeet (and sometime I snort! eww) the whole day. Well nasiblah. Last week I took 3 days off already and I have so many things to finish at work. I can’t affort to take more leave. I only have 3 days left anyway. Three days to use until end of Dec. Not good!

Btw, baby in tummy is growing well at 16 weeks. I got to feel some movement but not as obvious yet. Just some very light fluttering especially early in the morning when I went to the bathroom. I guess the baby is trying to hide from the bright bathroom light hehe.

Ok, back to work. I have so many things to write but it usually end up in the draft section. I blame facebook and twitter for my lack of updating the blog. hehe sorry! Next post will be about some of my favorite recipes that is easy to make; lazy chicken curry, roasted chicken rice and crispy fried chicken with plum sauce. Promise 🙂

Baju raya for your little girl

Hari raya is just around the corner, actually just around 2 months away. As a mother, one of the important thing to do before puasa is to make sure the raya preparation is going well. For me personally, putting on beautiful clothes on the first day of raya is a must, especially for my lil girl. I have one dress for Zara as well as 2 baju kurung in plan. Of course, there is a lot more things to prepare and hopefully everything went well.

In case you are not aware about it, my online shop, redjambu is now selling baby and toddler’s dress too. We got handmade dresses complete with smocking details and cute roses sewn on it. Here’s some pictures of the real thing:

Pink SweetInSleeves

Green Roses In a Row

Other than that, we are also having clearance sale for Laura Ashley toddler dresses:


For your information, all dresses are brand new and come with a tag. Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested to know more or you can visit to order. Thank you for reading! 🙂

Something blue..

We wanted to get this for Zara coz we know how much she loves a bike. Without fail, she will touch Abg Pik’s bike on the way back home everyday. We even let her try on the bike at tesco and she is so excited. At last, we got her the bike yesterday. I didn’t get to take a picture of Zara on the bike. She was all smiley when we pushed her all around tesco in the new bike. Flashing her white teeth, she will scream with laughter but her feet can’t really reach the paddle just yet. For now, we need to push her around and teach her how to paddle. I guess we can adjust the seat to the front, but we haven’t figure it out yet.

The blue bike

Besides the bike, zara pointed to us the coloring book and we got her one. After 2 minutes of scribbling, she managed to torn the color pencil box apart. I really can’t understand why she feels the need to torn everything apart? :p It is for fun I guess. Looks like I have to get her a pencil box. Hehe.. Want to see her in action?

Zara's first coloring book

See the pencil color box torn apart on the lower right hand side

I am now ordering another new toy for Zara. This one is water-based and come with music. Can’t wait! 😉 hehe